Private Sessions

Theta Healing Logo-smEach ThetaHealing® session with Pam is a unique experience as it is Divinely Guided.

They include the sharing of Unconditional Love and Healing, in addition to identifying and removing the negative belief systems that Pam is guided to address in that session with the client.

Using kinesiology, the client will be tested for the existence of negative beliefs and programs so that they can be accessed from the subconsious mind. The key core beliefs are then transmuted by the Higher Consciousness into belief patterns that will serve the Highest Good. Shifting these negative belief patterns releases blockages that could otherwise lead to physical and/or emotional dis-ease.

ThetaHealing® sessions are gentle and relaxing. Clients remain fully clothed sitting accross from the practitioner. Sessions last about one hour, after which you may feel a lightness and energy shift. The practitioner acts only as a catalyst and witness to facilitate your personal transformation and inner healing; God is the healer.

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